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Women Empowerment

The women empowerment project focuses financial training of parents and caregivers of

beneficiaries from the education sponsorship program. The training equips them with skills on how they can start and grow a sustainable business.

The main purpose of this project is to support women to start and grow sustainable businesses, eradicate poverty in the community, and ignite their entrepreneurial potential. This will enable them to eradicate poverty in their own households hence improving their livelihoods.

The program is implemented in five counties that is: Busia, Siaya, Migori, Homabay, and Kisumu.

Our target is to empower 100 parents and caregivers of our beneficiaries.

The parents and caregivers are currently receiving training in various modules such as getting out of their comfort zone, business identification opportunity and market research, finding capital and starting small, bookkeeping, business planning, and money management.

Below is the story of Phyllis Nabwire a beneficiary of the women empowerment program.

Phyllis Nabwire is a mother of four children from Busia County and a beneficiary of Rise to Shine

Education Foundation.

She is the sole breadwinner since her

husband has been ailing for the last five years and is unable to work and therefore cannot support the family financially.

This leaves Phyllis with all the family responsibilities.

She is a very hard-working small-scale farmer and a business owner who sells vegetables, tomatoes, and Omena.

She has been in business for the last 10 years and the income she gets is used to take care of her family’s basic needs. Through her small business, she has been able to support her children’s education except for one who is a beneficiary of RTSEF.

Phyllis is receiving economic empowerment training with the aim of improving her business skills and hopefully, getting a loan to boost her business.


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