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Special Needs Children Project

It all started with a girl called Sandra.  When visiting a primary school student at home she was found to have a sister sitting on the floor of their mud hut, her feet covered in jiggers, in rags and filthy but happy to see us.  Sandra had never attended school and was an early teenager with cerebral palsy


Sandra’s plight was the beginning of our Special Needs Project as sadly she is among many children in the community, hidden at home who have special needs with no access to education.

We now support eight children mainly from the Busia County area of rural Western Kenya who have special needs. We would love to support more, but it is all dependent on the funding we receive from our sponsors.  Most of the children attend Special schools which are all boarding schools, or we may support their families in caring for them at home if school is not the right option. 
We encourage all families to join savings groups to lift themselves out of poverty, we pay school fees, uniform, and transport to and from school.

As you can imagine, these life-enhancing projects need money to run and we would so appreciate your support in helping perhaps the most vulnerable and needy children in the area.

If you would like to sponsor the special needs project, please contact us.

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"Please, meet Emmanuel who after going to school for one year, is now able to knit and color."

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