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Secondary Scholarships

The Secondary School scholarship scheme has always been the main focus of RTSEF as many bright students across Kenya fall down at this point, even if they have shone in Primary school if they are unable to pay the fees to attend Secondary School... that is where their education ends. RTSEF wants to help students such as these giving them an opportunity to change not only their own future but their families and those they influence
and work for in the future. 

Selection process


Scholarship Includes;

Expanding our reach

Recently the scheme has expanded to the Busia area, where a group of needy, vulnerable students were included in the project. We are hoping to increase this number each year according to the potential among students in this impoverished outback of rural Kenya, and according to your generous funding to make this possible. We pay school fees, uniforms, books, and exam fees as well as support child-led households with additional food, while we also encourage carers to join a savings group to become less dependent themselves. 

Meanwhile, the two social workers based in the Busia area look out for the needs of these pupils as well as those of the vulnerable primary school aged children.

Support a Child through your giving.

If you would like to sponsor a needy student through their higher education, then, please….

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