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About Us


RISE TO SHINE EDUCATION FOUNDATION formerly SCARS TO STARS was started to give scholarships to vulnerable children, who have been left behind by society. We sponsor them through secondary school, guide and counsel them to empower & transform their lives. They heal their scars and become stars in life hence able to rise and shine throughout life. These children are eager to learn and be successful, but circumstances prevent them from achieving their dreams.

Since 2012, we have helped nearly 500 children achieve what no one thought possible. This happens because of our generous donors, who believe in helping needy bright children. Donors come from all over Kenya, other African countries, Europe and North America; The foundation supports children in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya in these counties: Siaya, Homabay, Migori and Kisumu.

Mission & Policy Statement


Providing educational opportunities to underprivileged students, developing a value-centred life, nurturing transformative leadership and embracing a culture of giving back.



We envision a Kenya where every child is emotionally and financially able to attend school through Form 4, graduate with a high school certificate, and pursue a good career or higher education.

Vision Mission
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"Join the course and help a needy child get education."



In 2012 we started informally by identifying 12 children of various ages. Some were orphaned, others just very poor, but all clearly had a desire to succeed in education, develop their potential and step out of the cycle of poverty. Today, we are registered as the NGO Rise to Shine education Foundation. Over 500 vulnerable children are now in secondary education or have finished & obtained a high school certificate. We also support 12 young girls in a boarding primary school. We are a private NGO working directly with schools, supported solely by donors; we receive no government funding.


This year in2020, we added 65 students are in school thanks to our donors. Now we have a waiting list of hundreds of school children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have completed their primary school education, many have good marks and strongly desire to attend secondary school. Donor funds provide tuition fees, books, uniform, transport, modest shopping and pocket money during the four years of secondary school. Each and every year we have many more deserving children seeking our help – so we seek more funds.

Governance & Accountability


The foundation is governed by a board of directors, with daily operations conducted by Executive Director Emily Bakhitah Akoth Otieno and volunteers. Rise to Shine Education Foundation operates a lean and effective organization. Donors are provided with semi-annual reports on fund utilisation and the positive impact on the children. We are a learning and growing organization, always seek ways to improve our operation and have the most impact and empowerment for each child.

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