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Street and Homeless Children Project

Life on the streets is very harsh especially for the street families and children for most of their daily survival relies on scavenging and begging from well-wishers. They are subjected to numerous challenges such as discrimination, manipulation, exploitation diseases, harsh weather conditions, violence, and the influence to use drugs and abuse of substances.

However, some of the street children have invented ways of generating income such as picking scrap metals and other recyclable wastes in exchange for a few shillings which is also not guaranteed.

These children come to the streets due to various reasons including extreme poverty at home, parental death, parental neglect, natural disasters, conflicts, violence, and abuse at home and within communities. However, all these children have their own unique stories of how they came to the streets

RTSEF together with Mission of Charity helps children living on the streets of Kisumu to start their journey off the streets through various interventions including supporting them with hot meals every week and sponsorship to continue with their studies.


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