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Financial Literacy Project

If the allocation of productive resources were not skewed against women, rural Kenyan
households would be able to work more efficiently and thus produce more, so if a greater share
of credit, inputs, land, and labor were to be controlled by women, overall poverty could be
reduced. We believe that the general mandate for reducing rural poverty is by channelling more
resources to women who are not just left but pushed behind by society, through economic
and social structures framed on patriarchal norms which exacerbate and perpetuate inequality.
Intersectionality is experienced through social class and level of literacy to mention but a few
compounds rural women’s experience of poverty.


Forget not how social reproduction depletes women’s capabilities - care work, which forms the
backbone of societies, remains marginal in the design of economic and labor policies. Consider
that rural women’s poverty is related to the large amount of unpaid care and domestic work they
undertake for their families. Recognize that rural women’s poverty entails the depletion of their
human capabilities - they have no time to rest with an adverse impact on their physical and mental


At RTSEF, we acknowledge that rural women's poverty is a human rights issue. Implementing and
involving them in our financial literacy coupled with savings and loaning programs are
integral to upholding their dignity, and increasing their capabilities in their households.

We believe that financial freedom is key to leading a dignified life. Finances are tied to food quality, education, healthcare, and overall life. We set bases in Siaya, Migori, Homabay, Busia, and Kisumu counties.

Also, we are proud to be benefitting over 100 parents and guardians of the scholarship program,
hence the men in the program, and young women who had dropped out of school due to various
life challenges, most of them financial. The goal of all this is to see to it that our participants
emerge with information and the tools they need to run a successful business.

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