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Sponsor a Primary Student

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Our main Primary Project is based in Busia County in Western Kenya where many children live in extreme poverty and have no chance of an education. To attend Primary School in Kenya, all children must have uniform including school shoes, a school bag, school books as well as pay the fees. Without these they are sent home which is why so many children from impoverished households or who are orphans, cannot access an education.

We have set up an office in the locality, where two social workers are based, who support more than 60 children with all these essential items.

The children’s fees are paid to attend local Government Schools and they can call at the office if they need another exercise book or have any medical or social need where they will be helped. We also supply maize for child led households and encourage every family to join our savings group.

All the children are carefully vetted so that we only support the most vulnerable in the area and the local chiefs and village elders, who know the families best, can put forward names of these vulnerable children for scholarships. There are many children deserving of a scholarship from us in this area and we hope to offer 10 more places to the most vulnerable every year.

So, if you would like to be a part of this project and sponsor a child to get an education and a chance to change their life’s circumstances into the future, then please …………….


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